‘why goa?’ explained by scott

Dear Loved Friends,
I can’t stop thinking about you….thanks for the update.

I have not been able to find the words to explain or describe your journey.
When I talk to people or think by myself about the great friend and mentor
that Scott has been to me, I can tell a lot about the great person he has
been for me and for others, I can explain a lot of the things that I know he
has done in life and that we have learned from him and I can tell the story
of Katy and Scott trip to GOA; however, I have not been able to find a word
that describes your journey for me, an explanation with the WHOLE MEANING
AND FEELING ….THIS IS NOT SIMPLE! It is not simple to understand. Would
you mind sharing with me what your feelings and thoughts are? I might be
selfish but I want to learn from you until the end….and I hope the end is
far away….very far!

Tears in my eyes…(I want to smile…)


Roberto Besquin
D’style Inc. / Allan Copley Designs


Here is Scott’s unedited explanation to his dear friend Roberto who picked him up
at the hospital on October 14th, the day after he learned he had inoperable cancer:

my old n close frnd……heres. what. you want. to. know
my journey started in 1968
the yr i left home for india
this trip was the most important change in my life
i grew up in ….in india. became a wiser more understanding person….
the people i met and found in india. had. a new perspective on living. and time
death and poverty were everywhere
the. idea of being alive became very in your face
one day eating nxt day dead from not.
simple. life n death…..seeing it is the reality of life itself
not religious or even spiritual but. life…..
my exp in india was life changing
my attitude was new. and fresh
i was in awe of art. and. culture
soaked it up fast
designed my own clothes was a crazy
bought things. btful. things. collected. gems n textiles
travelled all over india……
then went to eur for almost yr
was street smart world trvllr at 18…….
this. made. me. quite. different than anyone. i had met in usa
my love of india. never. left me
my. trips bk as adult were
again renwing my love of the country n people in it


i am bk……in india…
seeing. the. things. that mde me who i am. showing. my love. katy
the real india …the. deep india…two hours lost in agra. will show anyone. the. real. world
i know this place quite well…..
do and can give tours of the cities we are seeing….
the moment. i knew. my. fate. was
short. on this planet…one. month. ago. today…thirty. days. ago…..
i was ready to return…the. moment. i left. the. hospital in chapel hill
rcvd. a tel. call,from. my. frnd. sanjiv
in india…marvin walker my travel mentor. and. furniture idol
who knows me like few others……had told. sanjiv. my. plan to come to india
…as. i walked out. the. door
to meet. you……he called and assured. me..
he. knew. why. i wanted. to come. to india. and. would. make. all arrangemnets. and. dont. worry. he said. I UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE COMING…ill do anything. for you…anything
w tears. streaming. down. my. face. and just. have heard. about. my short. time. left
this. was. the. best. tel. call i ever could. rcv. in. my. life……..thanks. sanjiv. and. marvin. for knowing. me. so well.
this. trip is about. dignity
quality of life. and. quality in death
i. am. almost. to my. goal. getting. to GOA
a. place. that. is. awsome in beauty
and great place. to. get. peace
on. the. beach.
hope. i have. time. to. enjoy. it
all i have. now. is. great memories. incredible. freinds. and. family
and. three more. days
tow of. my. closest freinds. are on the way from italy. and. wash.state
to be. w. me
i. am. happy
laffing. every day. making. every person. who gets w in 10 ft of. me. smile. and. laff
and. enjoying. evry second. every. minute
of. being. in this place. of. real. smiles. and. happy people. who are. just glad. to

be. alive

me. too just. glad to be alive in this moment…….
its. our 1st morning in mumbai…..in. a. hotel. that. was. the site. of. the worst
terror ever in india…..luxury. beyond. imagination in a
a city of 10 million people living in slums. just. down the way
another 10/15million running around. honking their horns

i. am. home…………


here. i. come

your. close. and. loyal
freind. to the. end
scott david. morgan
61 years old


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19 thoughts on “‘why goa?’ explained by scott

  1. Your thoughts on “why goa” are heartfelt and really just so beautiful. For you to share this adventure in such an intimate way is a treasured gift to all of us who are fortunate to have landed in your circle of friends. When we think of you we imagine lobster rolls shared around a tiny table next to the kitchen sink and ping pong balls landing in nooks and crannies all around the house. Now our thoughts include sincere love and admiration of you and your darling Katy. Peace, Avery and Pat


  2. Just when I think I have heard it all Scott continues to add beads to this “necklace of a journey”that he and Katy are on. Scotts answer to his dear friend Roberto is poignant and deeply meaningful. I met Scott in India and can give credence to every word he is saying although could never put it in such eloquence as he does.”Going to Goa” were just words when I started reading the blog a while back. It is now a credo for us all to think about and absorb. So meaningful and so deeply honest and heartfelt. Scott thanks us for our messages….. we thank Scott for so very much more. xxoo


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