let me sit next to your fire

Later the same day as the healer came to work on Scott, we were sitting together on a couch in the magnificent central lobby of the Taj. This is a grand space with many seating areas and a great place to people watch. I noticed a local man across the lobby staring at us and I caught his eye. Surprisingly he came over to us and asked me to walk back across the room to see why he was looking at us. I followed him, sat down, and immediately saw that the perspective and angle made it look like a flame was coming out of Scott’s crown chakra ( top of his head) and gave a halo effect. The man said mine was doing the same when I was seated next to Scott. The explanation? Two pillar candles placed on a table behind us on the couch that were completely hidden by our heads. Plus there was a statue of Shiva within a mandala between the candles/ our heads! I told the man our story of marley & miracles and he was delighted. Our new friend shared a valuable contact in Goa with us, too.


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