ping pong wizard

A really nice young couple from Madison, Wisconsin made our acquaintance this weekend. Tiffany & David were volleying on ‘our’ ping pong table when we arrived to play a game after dinner. Scott and I were delighted to meet some other Americans over the holidays as we have been getting a little tired of Putin up with vodka drinkin’ sourpusses ( our hotel guests are 95% Russian as Goa is only a six hour flight from Moscow). David gave Scott a decent challenge and my heart smiled to watch Scott beat this young whippersnapper several times, even his diminished capacity. Before too long our 13 year old pong enthusiast Nikita showed up with a local kid who was REALLY good. Scott was in his glory and played a dozen games overall, sweating up a storm. I was so happy because I knew that this was going to give him a solid night’s rest…it is extremely difficult for him to fall asleep now.

David and his girlfriend were making a three week vacation trip to India, their first time out of America. Successful engineers for Epic healthcare software, the pair are in their twenties. We think they may already have the wanderlust gene but listening to Scott’s stories and reading our blog may encourage them to continue traveling, exploring, seeking as we have done. We wish them both the best of luck with such bright futures the world is surely their oyster!

2 thoughts on “ping pong wizard

  1. Grateful for the wonderful posts..not a day goes by without you both in my prayers. I know that heat so well! I got so use to it but will tell you that those power outages were a testimonial to the Grace of the patience and tolerance of the culture. Love you both!


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