maine. kayaking
was. such. a. wonderful experience. took my. breath away
every. time katY and I went. out in ocean
we. just. felt. so lucky. …it. was. magic

when i look out. to. the. sea here in goa. i see
so. many oceans. I have. crossed
and. memories of. so. many. kayak trips. all over
the. world. i was. lucky enuf. to experience
hugz. n love.


Scott did this painting awhile ago. Many of my favorite times with Scott have been in his double kayak. He taught me the proper stroke with such patience and understanding. We used to take big Loolie out with us and she would sit between with her lifevest and tuck her head on my shoulder.

11 thoughts on “maine.kayaking.lucky

  1. Scott, I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. You have lived large, and this epic journey is yet another part of that beautiful, amazing, adventure-filled LARGE life you have lead. I love you.


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