movin’ on

Happy New Year! I’m only a little late in wishing all of you my best wishes. I’m a bit preoccupied lately. With what, you ask? With ghosts of past, present, and future me.



The Ghost of Katy Past is reminiscing about a day five years ago in Goa that Scott and I shared our vows with each other in a Humanist Ceremony designed for us by his cousin Jill in London. That day was monumental, with Scott insisting on climbing three flights of stairs to the penthouse suite of the Sur La Mer Hotel, a journey that took him hours as he resisted all assistance that would have eased his way to me. He had something to prove to himself and I had the wisdom to let him. We both knew it would be the last stairway he would be able to climb.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.30.57 AM

The Ghost of Katy Present is preparing her house in High Point for sale and will be listing in the spring. It is the home of so many beautiful memories, so full of life, living and loving. I’ve chosen to make Maine my home base. I will have more time for my creative pursuits since I won’t be in constant recovery mode from the long road trips back and forth, the packing and unpacking, shutting down one house /opening up another. It’s demanding in the time and resources it eats up and not conducive to the depth of experience that I crave.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.34.11 AM.png

The Ghost of Katy Future is dreaming of a series of books being published (after the first one about going to Goa for Scott’s final adventure is completed) and an art gallery flourishing again in Stonington. In the years to come, I see travel to places near and far to reconnect with family & friends and explore exotic locales.  And last but never the least, I see my open heart falling in love again and another passionate relationship that nourishes my soul.






10 thoughts on “movin’ on

  1. I had a snack in a bar today after my swimming and the waitress brought me a paper for people to be on the score of the super bowl at different points in the game (don’t really understand this) but it was filled with a grid and you wrote your name in a square if you wanted to bet $10. There were two squares filled with Scott Morgan so I played one for $10. If its good enough for Scott its good enough for me. lol

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  2. Katy, I loved reading this. You were so lucky to have had each other.
    I hope your future Katy will visit me in NYC as part of your future adventures and travels.
    Much love, Maya


    • Happy New Year, Maya! I was thinking of you in September (I always do around your bd) and yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about: reconnecting with dear lifelong friends like you! Once I’m settled in up in Maine I’ll have more time (and energy) to come to NYC to visit. We have much to catch up on. Feels like I haven’t seen you since my Saints & Sinners show in LA, right?! Hugs and love xoxo

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