the art of chemo


Chemo 2 © scott morgan fine art 2009


When Scott had cancer the first time in 2009, it was Stage II and his decision was to undergo chemotherapy treatment. These digital photographic collages were created by Scott within the 9.5 months he endured the harsh chemo drug therapy. In Chemo 2,  Scott’s self portrait incorporates the feeling of isolation that cancer patients experience, as represented by the islands off the coast of his beloved Maine.


Chemo © scott morgan fine art 2009

The art work Chemo gives me the shivers. I witnessed Scott as he went through his chemotherapy and the jittery hyper-sensitive condition it created within his body is very much in evidence here. The piece below is self explanatory.


save cancr

I Hate This Chemo © scott morgan fine art 2009

3 thoughts on “the art of chemo

  1. My ex husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiform in August of 2009. When you say that “diagnosis” to most health care professionals the cringe factor is almost unsupressable. Many folks with this are gone in 1-2 years. Ted Kennedy was one of them. My kids dad got “lucky” (which is a really bad description ) as he remains cancer free to date. We weren’t together anymore when he went through his treatment and he is remarried to a wonderful lady that I like. I’m just happy that my/our kids still have their dad. Cancer is such an evil disease. It seems that if and when it does recur it returns with a vengeance. I know that’s what you n Scott went through.


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