sunset superman

This is a photo Scott took of our hotel’s private beach at sunset. The water is warmer than the swimmimg pool and usually very gentle waves, if any. Makes for easy bodysurfing. The sand is superfine and feels like silk to walk in. Near the shoreline it is very flat and wide and perfect conditions […]

crows continue to get away with murder…

Yesterday I thought I was being cagey by keeping my poolside sandwich under a tin cover. I knew enough to take precautions because of Scott’s previous crow incident early on here. Well, i wasn’t the only one who had her sights set on that delicious chicken tikka kathi roll as I slipped it out from […]

turkey breast on thanksgiving day

We are getting a lot of enjoyment from our hotel pool. It is the one cool oasis in an otherwise brutally hot spate of weather that is reportedly 91F feeling 111F because of the humidity. Scott is completely off of methadone now and that has been replaced with a 50 mg fentonyl patch worn high […]

angels all around us

Searching for medicinal herb was an adventure last Wednesday for Scott, his visiting friend JB, and me. We began at the hippie market in Anjuna half expecting the scent of ganja to be wafting out of the tented stalls or the shacks that line the beach. Scott even approached some young kids with dreadlocks sitting […]

lotus power

hi from. hot heat my watercolors. really were melting me too……in 90s w humidy in humid. n hot. and. hard. to think let alone do any art but,trying. hard to. make. some. art and. feel the local. color these. flowers are opening. up every. am just like. me…if. i wake. up its a fabulous. […]

anjuna beach hippie market

Wednesday we got an early start and drove in a taxi. Our mission was two-fold: to see the accommodations we are planning to move to next on Dec 2nd, and, to experience the fabled hippie market that’s only open on Wednesdays. Our first stop was Sur La Mer….our friend Sanjiv has a home nearby and […]