celebrating a visionary

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.14.00 PM
Self Portrait in the Bathroom of The Visionary Museum, Baltimore © Scott Morgan

Scott loved celebrating birthdays! In years past Scott planned huge celebrations… for his 50th in Barcelona, for his 55th in NYC, for his 60th in Venice. We spent his last birthday in Goa and the best gift he got was another 7 months of life. Not just hanging on for hanging on’s sake, either. He created at least 100 more watercolor paintings in Goa after his birthday. We published a book of his paintings that I curated and edited in time for him to enjoy it and benefit from the accolades his work received. He saw his art travel in an exhibition at hospitals in Goa. And he received a great deal of press attention for inspiring his doctors and their patients. There are plans for continuing to exhibit Scott’s work, too. Stay tuned!

Today I hope you will join me in shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT!” to the universe and do something F U N for yourself in his memory. Like going to The Visionary Museum in Baltimore. Or putting on a silly hat and making kids laugh. And remembering that life is short and then we die. This is true for all of us no matter how many toys we gather prior to doing so. All the more reason to live it like Scott did: with exuberance, playfulness, and joy!

6 thoughts on “celebrating a visionary

  1. Happy Birthday Scott. Today Katy I am doing something fun and new I am going to swim in the bat cave, it’s a cenote called Dos Ojos in Tulum. Love the picture of Scott 🙂


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