liaisons impossible


My nickname was “fishgirl” before I even dreamed of meeting Scott. I have moon and sun in Pisces and needed a handle for an astrology column I used to write for a now-defunct magazine online. The moniker stuck and I continued using it for my Feng Shui By Fishgirl consultancy and blog. Scott quickly shortened it to “fishka” which is also a reference to my initials.

The mermaid has been a trademark logo for me ever since. One of my favorite gifts from Scott was given to me on our first anniversary in the 1950’s house we purchased together in High Point: Scott found a circa 50’s shower door with a mermaid design on it and had it installed as a skylight in the stairwell leading to my studio. I don’t have a picture with me but imagine the love and light shining through that image making me smile every time I headed downstairs to make art. Or play ping pong with my Lobby-boy.

Scott and I met through our mutual friends Joe & Corine Gantz. Corine and I share a mutual BFF, Isabelle Bryer, who is also a painter. Corine and Isa are French married to American guys. I am of French descent and was a token American member of their French LA Posse. After things heated up between me and Scott he asked me to move in together. I was unsure at first about leaving LA to move east with him.There was no engagement ring. No certainty about the future. No friends closeby. Unlike Scott who knew a few people in High Point, my friends were in LA or HK or NYC or SF or DC or Chitown or NH……not High Point and Maine! People were encouraging me to say yes….my mother especially who lives in NH and friends pointed out to me that I had feng shui’ed my way right out of LA!

While I was still deciding whether or not to go with him, I had this spontaneous conscious dream vision in the shower one morning back in my downtown LA loft:

I saw Scott fearlessly stride out of the forest naked. From the forest a gigantic bear appeared. Scott stood his ground without shame, without fear. He went towards the bear and she reared up on her legs. Scott embraced the bear in a mighty bear hug and began f*cking the bear!!! Then they separated and the bear opened a zipper under her throat all the way down to her belly. I watched in awe as Scott stepped inside the bear and zipped her up from the inside, completely encased within her powerful body. The bear got back down on all fours and lumbered off into the forest depths, Scott had now become part of the bear.

I have studied shamanic healing practices, feng shui, and conscious dreaming for decades. This waking dream vision spoke to me on many levels. I recognized Scott as a powerful shaman in his own right…able to encounter bear energy and transform it into his own. If that were not enough to clinch it for me, I had another dream later that week. In this dream Scott and I were strolling hand and hand down a country lane in autumn. Bright colored leaves were all around us. He reached down to pick up an acorn to give to me. By the time he handed me the acorn it had expanded into a giant acorn, bigger than a basketball, and looked much like a huge heart.
I went with my heart and began packing for my new life with my magic man Scott Morgan.

When we drove out of LA and headed out on Hwy 10 my van passed under a series of rainbows arcing over the freeway. This was no dream. It was February 14th, Valentine’s Day. And when we arrived in High Point we were greeted by another rainbow. The house we bought together has three mighty oak trees, forty footers, showering our yard and our neighbors’ with acorns galore every Autumn.

Last week from India I was catching up on facebook— it’s been a comfort to stay connected to friends while on this transformative journey with my own personal shaman Scott— and I saw my friend Isabelle had completed a new painting. She titled it Les Liaisons Impossibles and it is shown here. Isabelle was key to bringing Scott and I together but she did not know about this fishgirl’s vision of her bear. I am constantly humbled by the magical role that synchronicity plays, highlighting how energy and spirit connects all of us and binds us together in this mystery we call life. And Scott and I have proven that impossible liaisons are possible. And wonderful. And the best kind.

Les Liaisons Impossibles copyright Isabelle Bryer Paintings

Note: All written and visual content of this blog copyright Katy Allgeyer and Scott Morgan except where photographs and letters have been used with permission of other artists and friends. Thank you!

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    • Iana,

      Thank you for following along in spirit…taking the time to post feedback. I told Scott one of my favorite memories is the time he had you prepare and deliver a bouquet to me while I was working at the Stonington Farmers Market. Not one Friday but 3 Fridays in a row! Your beautiful floral arrangements combined with Scott’s intentions made my heart sing. Namaste,


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