my name is luca


We are waiting Luca’s arrival tonight. His flight from Italy was delayed four hours in Dubai and he missed his connection in Mumbai. He should get here sometime in the next two hours around midnight. Scott fared much better today and even ate dinner. This photo of him with Luca was taken at the Art Basel Miami show two years ago exactly this week.

6 thoughts on “my name is luca

  1. I am happy that you, JB, and Luca will be together with Scott reliving the past and making more memories, cherish every moment……


    • Luca arrived safely. Everyone sleeping peacefully ( except me….I’m searching the internet for information re some of Scott’s symptoms to help with palliative care). We are going to see the nearby beach tomorrow and dinner at I-95 ( yes, that’s the restaurant name! Must be owned by expat Americans). Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Roy. Xo

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