and.then.we were 4


luca. bonato. has. arrived

i. am. floored

now. we. are. four….happy

really. excited. to. see him. and. he. is. now.

here in. goa. …..


This is the power of friendship. To sustain us, nourish our hearts and souls. The arrival of Scott’s friend Luca has revived his energy and given us all reason to celebrate today. Luca showed us a video that his wife, son, and daughter made for Scott. Luca’s family were banging on pot covers chanting the word L O V E to the tune of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy Boy, was it ever!

Does it feel like an emotional rollercoaster reading this blog? It feels like that as we are living it, too. Scott’s physical condition is not improving. Like the weather, the sky is always there but the climate can be hot or cold, stormy or fair. That’s what is happening in Scott’s body. We have adjusted his dosage of pain medicine to accommodate the changes. But we’re pretty sure his happiness is pure Luca. If anyone can figure out a way to bottle this magic potion, Aneel our friend of the Hotel California will be the one to do it!


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