pool boy

My lovey enjoying a few “patch free” hours in the pool. The pain medicine he is on for stomach cancer is fentynol patches which are 72 hour time release. We remove them on the third day and that gives Scott a window of time to shower or immerse himself fully in pool or ocean. The […]

wedding gift

Today at 3:30 PM a beautiful young couple named Nik and Marlene are getting married at The Leela Hotel. This is the reason our new friend John from Boston is here. Scott and I have had fun playing ping pong with him and tonight we had dinner at Betty’s beach shack with John and four […]

saturday in mumbai

Today we drove by the largest and the most expensive private home in the world. The Ambani family of 5 lives in this private high-rise in Mumbai. We’re told they have 200 servants. This splashy architectural showcase cost over a billion dollars. It’s winter season here now but it’s reached a humid 90 F degrees […]