beach bye-bye




Yesterday was hot in Morjim. But what day hasn’t been? High 90’s. The tropical sun and heat and humidity saps strength, the chill of our air conditioned villa room is a welcome respite. We save our energy for a walk on the beach at sundown with Luca and JB. We did some last minute shopping for Luca’s loved ones back home in the beach huts between Club Marbella and La Plage (where we will top off this excursion with dinner).

Scott found a walking stick in the sand and that helped steady his dizzy wandering. I found a sarong to wrap over my bathing suit at a shop next to Jade Jagger’s. Luca found gifts. JB found a model posing in a wedding gown at water’s edge bathed in sunset glow. Luca returning to Italy
at 4am not at end of day Friday as we had mistakenly thought so we are out making the most of these last precious hours.

Jump forward to 4am……Luca knocking on the door. I let him in and he embraces Scott in the hospital bed. A hug for me and he’s out the door.

2 thoughts on “beach bye-bye

  1. You all seem so far away. I think of you daily but am unclear about what to say. So many thoughts seem so trivial.
    I love you both and am feeling sad and joyful about your path.
    Feel my arms around you, breathing deeply, slowly humming . . .


  2. luca. your. visit. will be etched. in my. heart forever
    the. short. time we had. together here in goa. is. permanently a part of. my journey that will be written in the sand of the beaches and in my. mind and heart. forever..thank. you. for. coming. to be. w. me..
    one. can only hope. to find. a freindship once. in a
    lifetime that equals. ours……love. is. amazing medicine


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