Scott’s heart is so huge. Today we met some more people that have become instant friends. Caleb, Matt, Marika and her dog Yago were all at the pool this morning when we came out for breakfast. Yago was frolicking in the pool for his first time.

Scott had already been up for hours making art after a rough nausea filled night. Today is a big day. Our brand new Lazyboy recliner, extra wide and super plump cushions, is arriving today. This is a far cry from the high end contemporary furniture design that Scott has been involved in all his life. But beggars can’t be choosers and we need function to fit this situation. Lying next to me in bed with extra pillows hasn’t helped. Antiquated hospital beds are not the answer either. We hope the Lazyboy, fully reclined, will give Scott relief and sweet dreams.


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