doctor morgan’s cabinet

new. art thurs,from.  my. head.  not. a book. very. happy. w. cabinet ,first. time…… having.  lot.  of. art. flowing. out been. stimulated by.  hospital.  show. new. foundation…forming. now. thru. psychiatrist. existing. foundation. smile2 the end… trying.  to. get. concept.  into. hospitals.  in.  many. locations,to. help. people at. end. of. life. terminal ill.  that. are.  depressed,using. […]


Scott’s heart is so huge. Today we met some more people that have become instant friends. Caleb, Matt, Marika and her dog Yago were all at the pool this morning when we came out for breakfast. Yago was frolicking in the pool for his first time. Scott had already been up for hours making art […]