2 outings 2-day


Two outings today. We have the going-to- the -movies -first -thing -in -the -morning routine down pat. Sami the taxi driver knows how to ease slowly over the speed breakers. The Inox movie theatre gals all smile and greet Scott as an honored guest. Today we saw an incredibly gory slasher film from the twisted writers of the Saw series called The Collection. Which reminds me that Scott wrote this post called my life is a collection that you should check out if you haven’t already done so. You needn’t bother to see the movie. Unless of course you are in need of a diversion and it is the only choice available.

The middle of our day was spent resting up for dinner at Thalassa in Vagator. Our second time there was as memorable as the first. Scott was able to taste a little bit from a variety of dishes. We brought Matt, our new young friend from LA who is leaving tomorrow, and JB whom we are fortunate to still have here with us. The sun performed spectacularly, dropping down into the sea right on time as a bright crescent moon replaced it. Absinthe and mojitos enhanced the effect.
Goodnight, y’all.

2 thoughts on “2 outings 2-day

  1. Katy & Scott, joined WordPress just for you! I have no Facebook or Twitter and tried to avoid this. But you continue to move me so that I must respond. Love how you have chosen to face this and hope I have the courage to by as brave and live whatever we have left as well as you. As I know more about you both, I love you all the more.


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