pisces twice

This fishgirl always seems to attract other Piscean women. My newest friend Ritu, shown here with me Thalassa in Vagator, has a birthday coming up three days before mine. We are planning to celebrate together sometime this month. I’m not a stickler for the actual date because I like to celebrate all month. Ritu and […]

2 outings 2-day

Two outings today. We have the going-to- the -movies -first -thing -in -the -morning routine down pat. Sami the taxi driver knows how to ease slowly over the speed breakers. The Inox movie theatre gals all smile and greet Scott as an honored guest. Today we saw an incredibly gory slasher film from the twisted […]

vagator vagabonds

Scott saved up his energy all day Monday December 10th so he could take me to Thalassa aka Mariketty’s Place, the Greek restaurant with the most amazing view, in Vagator last night. High up on a cliff overlooking a pocket beach at the base of a mountain…..palms swaying in the seabreeze that was keeping us […]