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Scott got his bad news the Friday that began the 2012 High Point International Furniture Market week. Fortuitously, many if not all of his decades-long colleagues, designers,and friends in the furniture market from around the country and the world (including newer friends from the last five years or so) were in High Point. What an opportunity! Even Scott’s sister Lindy and her husband Richard Barnett were here for market week.

These wonderful friends/business associates are too numerous to mention but I ‘m sure many will recognize themselves in these pics. Within hours of receiving the news (that rippled through market like California wildfires), Scott planned his own going-away-celebration-party for Sunday night! Friends John Strauss, Gary Pettit, and Louis Lara provided an enormous southern buffet from BBQ joe’s–one of Scott’s favorite joints. Speaking of joints, the house became so thick with smoke at one point everyone was getting a contact high. Scott’s pals always got a kick out of the fact that after his divorce he left Santa Monica to live in two locations: Weed Field Road in Stonington, Maine and High Point, NC.

Hearing of the event, one of his dearest retired furniture buddies Don Behrstock flew out from LA to attend and flew back to Cali the next day. These photos were taken early on before the raucous crowd swelled to nearly 200 people in our 3 bedroom 50’s home sweet home that is decorated with Scott’s collectionsof tribal and Asian textiles and antiques and Art By Katy paintings. We hope we captured most of their signatures and well wishes on the SDM + KMA heart canvas before they left the party which lasted from 4PM to 2:30AM.

Our friends took their cue from Scott and the mood was celebratory although punctuated with intense emotional highs more than a few times as the reality of the situation sunk in. Scott Morgan has never been more in his glory than that night, transforming the dire news of his terminal cancer into a celebration of his life’s work: friendships and furniture business. Eyes shining, heart expanding, smiles and laughter and joyful tears…my lovey spent time happily with every person that showed up for him that night. The love and adrenaline rush was more beneficial than any radiation therapy could ever possibly be. Those that were present this night can and will attest to the vibrant love energy that circulated throughout our home that incredible night. Scott and Katy both want to thank everyone individually and collectively for making this night….with the heavy hearts we all had being in shock as we still were….there are no words to describe how wonderful and amazing and poignant you all made this night for both of us.

Scott gave each and every male friend a colorful patterned necktie from his collection of designer neckties and/or a casino chip from his collection of chips from around the world. He also told stories. We’ll upload a couple of video clips when we can. The pilgrimage of friends coming to our home wanting to say goodbye to Scott continued the bittersweet festive atmosphere throughout the next ten days (more pics and posts to share with you soon) before we departed for the California farewell party.

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