tied in to scott

These 3 beautiful emails received today. Scott wanted to share:

……amazing, incredible, heroic, astonishing, remarkable, wonderful, marvelous, mind-blowing, staggering, flabbergasting, dazzling, tough, compelling, formidable, great, brave, daring, bold, gutsy, audacious, fearless, fierce, powerful, dazzling, brilliant, dedicated, adoring, loving, enthusiastic, princely, kind, bighearted, unique, exceptional, irreplaceable, special, incomparable, distinctive, inimitable, rare, generous, committed, dedicated, devoted, caring, passionate, adoring, warm, benevolent, matchless and inspiring. These words describe the Morg I will always love, cherish and remember.

Jerry Mickelson



Wanted to send some love your way from Los Angeles. I assume you remember me as Mr. Sarreid from L.A . for the past 36 years. Your father and my father, Jim Davis were friends and of course we had a showroom in the PDC for many years.

Charles Hoffman and I are best friends and he has shared all of your experiences and email posts with me. I am a “child of the sixties” not birthed but given my wings during that era and have always felt connected to you. To quote the “Who” at one time in my life my attitude was ” What is it I’ll take it, who is she I’ll’ rape it”.

Just wanted to express what a breath of fresh air you have always been and you have left a wonderful mark on my mind and the industry we grew up in.

Have really enjoyed your art work as I’m am a collector and never knew you had that kind of talent. Just a quick note late afternoon out near Malibu in Lake Sherwood. Heading out the door for a very late appointment and more later. GOD BLESS YOU !!

Stephen C. Davis


Scott and Katy,

Tomorrow Kim and I leave for St. Louis to attend the Edward Jones Partner’s Meeting were she is a General Partner. It consists of several days of fancy evening events requiring dress to impress. Well last night I started pulling out the coats to wear and when I pulled out the black and white coat the tie was missing. But……when I looked on my tie rack there was the perfect tie!! The tie Scott gave me at his party! Kim thought it was the best! I will wear it Thursday night and you both will be with us! Scott you make things right!

You saved the day!

We love you both.

Charles and Kim


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