bad vibes at indian wedding






Every Indian princess deserves her fantasy wedding. I’m not saying they don’t. The Goa Marriott Resort is probably the prime waterfront location for putting on the–err, umm Ritz. But why do they have to be so loud that they make even 80’s punk bands like The Clash sound l Tony Bennett tame? The answer lies partly with driving bad spirits away and keeping the Hindu gods happy. With all the noisy weddings we’ve seen here so far, I’d bet that Lord Ganeshe is wearing a hearing aid. That can’t be good vibes or good karma.

The wedding party shown here is just one of three separate celebration events this couple had costing well over a million dollars or several million. The elaborate event shown here had everything… a fortune telling booth, a beauty area where ladies were receiving henna tattoos on arms and feet, feasting and costumes and dancing and drinking….and the main event will be held later at another hotel! Last night booming fireworks and a ring exchange up the beach that we could hear, but distantly. Today from 10 AM to 2PM we had the constant pounding of drums and baseline with high pitched Indian singing at full volume. The stage and guests were immediately outside our room. But that still wasn’t good enough for some of them…..I had to shoo numerous wedding guests and security guards off of our deck chairs. Someone was even caught nose pressed against our window peering inside our private room. The noise level was so high that Scott had to call me mobile-to-mobile because even though I was sitting in the adjacent room of our suite with the door open, we couldn’t hear each other calling out for help!

This insanity finally became too much to bear. We called the hotel management to come put a barrier across our deck to keep pesky interlopers away. And Scott is still shaking from the bass vibrations. He explained to management that this would be unacceptable even for healthy guests but when you are incapacitated and cannot get up and leave then it is really hell. Plus the sound shattered his rest, the stress caused pain in his stomach and a headache, and in general was just ridiculous.

Being design and archtitecture oriented people, we would suggest the Marriott renovate the rooms with soundproofing measures in place and perhaps reconfigure their grounds to accommodate weddings and keep other guests happy, too. Or maybe someone could simply turn the volume down.

6 thoughts on “bad vibes at indian wedding

  1. hey katy ~ mindblowing (i guess almost literally for you both)
    went to my meditation station this morning – placed an ear-cotton
    offering to ganeshe. thanks for the gorgeous colour photos – really
    need it on this grey-snowy (heatless) N.E. day. big hug and much love,
    neesa & evan.


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