cane mutiny


Our friend Joel wrote today: One of my closest oldest friend is a (now early retired) doc who lives outside of Munich. His name is Fritz. He is a world class lifelong fly fisherman and has fished on every continent. He has fished in Alaska at least 20 times if not more. He saw the clip of the ceremony and wrote the following words about your staff:

Close to the end of the video Scotts girlfriend is grabbing for a wooden (walking) stick with an animals head on top. Do you know where it is from? Years ago I brought a very similar one from Tatlatui, BC, made by a first nations who carved a wolfs head in the top of the stick. I still have it here in Buchberg.

Do you have any more detailed info about where it is from, how old it is, or anything else of interest?


WE REPLY TO JOEL:Scotts stick is from Alaska. It was his Uncle Bob’s he was mayor of Seward, Alaska. He passed away in Anchorage two years ago, he was a park ranger in Denali National Park… was one of his favorite sticks. He lived in England for 20 years and walked everywhere. He was the reason. scott came to India in 1968….favorite uncle…..the stick is a carved bear head. His uncle ‘s widow sent it to Scott when she learned he was sick. Scott did a painting of himself with the stick…



The walking stick saga continues. I am forwarding to you Fritz’s note below that I just received about the provenance of his stick along with a bunch of photos taken probably right now in his lovely, historic home in Bavaria near Lake Chiemsee. SAME style for sure! Very interesting.

I ran through my outdoor photos to make sure where and when I had bought the walking stick. It was in the early 1990ies either at Babine river, BC in the Silver Hilton Steelhead Lodge run by the US Quaker Bob Wickwire Family (they were later forced to sell to a consortium around vice president Dick Cheney), – or in Tatlatui wilderness, BC, run by Bob Henderson. I remember for sure to have bought it from a First Nations Guide who carved either bear head sticks or wolf head sticks. The bear heads were rather crumpy so I decided for the wolf.
Regards to Scott


Clearly the message is : Bob……Scott’s Uncle Bob, Bob Wickwire, Bob Henderson…… BOB

Synchronicity at play…and Uncle Bob’s energy swirling around the world to find his favorite nephew in India. The top pic is Uncle Bob’s bear cane, the two photos below are Fritz’s wolf. Fritz has never met Scott but he and Scott share a wonderful friend –Joel– in common.

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