the manipal exhibition

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The corridors of Manipal Hospital in Panjim are currently featuring an exhibition of 30 of Scott’s paintings that have been enlarged and printed here in India. This is the first exhibition of Scott’s work in India as well as the initial exhibition falling under the Smile 2 the End Foundation’s umbrella. Scott and Dr. Salkar announced in their press conference a week ago that the Smile 2 the End Foundation would create exhibitions such as this one to travel to other venues and that eventually other artists will be invited to do the same.

9 thoughts on “the manipal exhibition

  1. Dear Scott and Katy

    CONGRATULATIONS!! What amazing work and the fact that it will live on must make you so proud. Even more testimony that

    Scotts choice (that day)on how to spend his time was the perfect choice…

    Love to you both




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