a day at the oscars

5:45AM wakeup and see Scott has completed a masterful paintingof the Taj Mahal

6:00AM settle in to watch the Academy Awards. We both got excited when Shirley Bassey came out and sang Goldfinger because we had just watched it two days ago via online video streaming ( patted each other on back for being so in tune with the zeitgeist). We both began sobbing after the in memorium piece when La Streisand broke into The Way We Were
(we’ve got so many memories…). Laughed out loud several times at Seth McFarland’s brilliant commentary.

2:00PM Scott had a visit from the barber. He sat up on the side of the bed with feet on the floor for thirty minutes without a hypotensive reaction.

2:30 PM He had Singapore noodles with shrimps for lunch. I had butter chicken and rice.

3:00PM we watched Argo on streaming vdeo online. Wow! Definitely Oscar worthy. Although Life Of Pi would have been my choice for best film.

6:00PM back to bed to catch some ZZzzzzzzz and get some rest. We are both exhausted today.

9:00PM Afsal will be coming to give Scott a massage workout.

2 thoughts on “a day at the oscars

  1. Curious about the workout. Can Scott swim in pool…..?? Love hearing about your oscar day. Ours was similar. I made dinner. Chicken and mushrooms in clay oven with sweet potatoes and peas. Was good. Dog wanted to eat it with us sooooooo badly….xxooo


    • Hi Dan,
      No….by workout I mean his bed bath, massage for circulation, leg exercises, and possibly standing up or a few minutes. Scott has not gone in a pool since Luca visited us in December andhe never felt comfortable with full immersion due to the way the meds make him feel.


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