very very


Watercolor Taj Mahal (c) Scott Morgan 2013

got. out. bed. pushed. myself. to. sit. up. alone…walked. alone. ten. ft. into. wheel chair. and off we. went…………
huge. day. 2. x. out. by. wheelchr. in am. did. whole. property. every inch. accessble. by. wheel
spent. little time in. sun. diferent floors. all
places. could. get to. first x
out. 45. minutes. or. more…
second. trip. 1 ish
sat. could not. sit.before. due to blockage……was. crazy….blockage. gone
new. enema. and diff supposittories…new. kind. combo. cleaned out 2 months of gook…..
…..2 nd. outing. today so. ate. lunch. w katy at. table then. went. to. large outdoor. lobby. with big. marble. table great breeze. off ocean. with view and. did. two. major. watercolors. sat 2+ hours. while. nurse. watched over. katy wandered, got a facial, came back i was still there painting. then. another. walk in chair with just katy at. beach side
bk. to room
in that spot…. will go. out third. x. tonite. with nurse. after. massage. take a short real. walk
…tried air bed today it did not work. lotta. trouble but. set. up. tried
too many. ridges not. worth. it. if. not. right…returned. to. technician. oh. well
sleep still tuff. pain. under control. and. plumbing. finallly. working ok….still cant leave bed to get to bathroom. sitting on toilet. been. month since sat on toilet or could walk. to. bathroom
katy amazing. as. usual. my. mood. finally better. frustrating. for. some. time. no. art in week
now. back in old. suite. spirit. way. way up today smiling. saying hi. went. all over. whole. property saying. hello n thanks to all staff
wow. pain. low. all. systems. same. no. change …….just. spirits up. my. outlook better

enjoyed. argo movie. katy. set up. computer. w. netflix. n amazon. using. overseas sneak around as india making it hard to get those online.

here are two. watercolors. done. today
both. were unfinished. for. long. time. and. i was sitting up. doing this art. instead. of. all done. before from. bed. in contortionist positions maybe. over. for awhile
plan on going out by. wheel chair. 2/3. x. day from here on out. felt great in sun. warmth. people. around….the whole maggilla
happy. camper. right now back in room….ready. for tonites. ten. pm outing. w. nurse. n katy
love n. hugz to. all.

Scimitar & Helmet Watercolor (c) Scott Morgan 2013

9 thoughts on “very very

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  2. Scott – great report. So good to hear Andy Thornton

    Sent from my iPhone Please note that my fingers are much bigger than these tiny letters AND my phone has its own ideas about spelling.


  3. So glad to get this. Stunning watercolors…..more amazing with each day that passes. I honestly rush down to computer in studio to see the new work each day !! The one with the chalice and brush (?) Scimitar is really intriguing. I get lost in it. Fabulous stuff Scooter…xxoo R I Z


  4. Wow….what a day. Keep the activities up and greet everyone you can find! Your wisdom and charm is needed by all! Can’t wait to here how you did in the casino?

    Hugs to Katy and you both!

    The art is is so vibrant…really neat stuff! Scott thanks for sharing.

    I feel like I know Goa.

    Have a fun evening!

    Best, Charles

    Sent from my iPad


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