scott’s legacy site up & running

It’s my great pleasure to announce that the official legacy art site showcasing Scott Morgan as the visionary outsider artist he was is now up and running! It may not yet show up in Google search, so please click to go directly to the official site, designed by Maureen Farr|Mozelle Studio. You may recall that […]

very very

Watercolor Taj Mahal (c) Scott Morgan 2013 got. out. bed. pushed. myself. to. sit. up. alone…walked. alone. ten. ft. into. wheel chair. and off we. went………… huge. day. 2. x. out. by. wheelchr. in am. did. whole. property. every inch. accessble. by. wheel spent. little time in. sun. diferent floors. all places. could. get to. […]

it’s in the details

Whoever said life’s in the details might have been describing artist Scott Morgan’s watercolors. The crystalline color palette he uses combined with intricate ink drawings pull the viewer in to a world within a world….Scott’s mind, heart, n soul. Shown here are details from a new painting he completed today from his ‘bed studio’. Watercolor […]