gambling on good cake design

A special shout out to Samantha, pastry chef at the Goa Marriott Resort for her award winning cake design. When I went to discuss my ideas for Scott’s birthday cake with her last week I stressed how important it would be to get the details of a roulette wheel accurate because Scott loves roulette as […]

h a p p y ! birthday, scott!

The birthday boy is a very happy camper! So many wonderful and highly personal birthday tributes ( a lot of poets among you!) are pouring in via email, blog comments, facebook posts, and phone calls! The festivities began with a couple hundred balloons delivered at 9:30 AM ( thanks, Dad!). The ceiling is entirely covered […]

birthday art

New watercolor paintings created by the artist from his bed studio through the night of his 62 nd birthday February 16, 2013 at the Marriott Resort in Goa, India. (c) Scott Morgan 2013 Happy Birthday to Scott David Morgan from the going to goa blog and all his fans, friends, and family around the world! […]

dream studio, with giraffes

So Scott and I are in bed just now, Scott is painting and I’m watching National Geographic when I see these two bull giraffes and they lock necks and the dominant one head butts the other and before you know it one giraffe is upside down out cold. Wwhoaaaah! Did you see that!? Scott looks […]