keeping our romance alive


Our second ‘date night’ this week. Scott Morgan knows how to show a girl a good time. I don’t think I’ll ever feel so loved and pampered as I do with Hercules Picasso. Our liaisons impossible has turned out to be very possible. My true love planned our romantic date ahead of time with Peter, one of the excellent young concierges at the Marriott. Finding a venue that was interesting, had a great sunset view, pretty gardens with wheelchair accessibilty, and some good restaurants that was 30 minutes or less by taxi on windy bumpy narrow Goan roads was the task. Peter suggested the Taj Holiday Village in Candolim.

We’re so glad he did. The view overlooked the ancient Portuguese Ft. Aguada that juts out into the pounding surf. You can see part of its battlements in the distance behind this picture of Scott. The giant red dot sun dropped pretty soon after our arrival. We enjoyed calamari n shrimps at the cliffside cafe and then took a golfcart to the Taj’s Thai restaurant, The Banyon Tree. We were psyched to have authentic Thai even though it was a buffet. Inside Scott was able to recline on a banquette with a stack of pillows we carry everywhere we go now. The Banyon Tree is situated at the main entrance gate to the 20 acre Taj property next to–what else?– a 400 year old gigantic banyan tree. This scion of the lush Goan jungle probably witnessed the same Portuguese soldiers wearing elaborate helmets and carrying jewel encrusted scimitars that Scott and I imagined we saw earlier that evening as we gazed out towards the fort. It’s quite likely that Scotto Morgani 1604 set up his easel here once upon a time. In fact, in the silent gap between each incoming breaker, I could hear him paint. If someday you are fortunate enough to find yourself in this very spot with the company of someone you love very much, simply close your eyes and listen.

4 thoughts on “keeping our romance alive

  1. This is all so terrific. Thanks for letting us in on this special date. The pictures are exquisite and Katys faboulous ability to transport you to the very event never fails to amaze me. AND…..the grin on Scooters face tells the real story. Only thing better would have been to be there !!! Hugs and Love. Keep on dating !!! xxoo R I Z


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