date night / pope’s last day

new. from. the. zoo. somewhere. in. my. mind. hope. all are. well. n. happy
katy. n. scott. went. out. by. taxi. with wheelchair. as. escort. had. date…..
wa s. gre at. now. in. cafe. sitting. up….painting. just. finished….
katy. just. arrvd……watching. sunset…..over. water n. mtns. fantastic. time. day
hugs. to. all
love. from. goa

New Watercolor: Pope’s Last Day (c) Scott Morgan 2013

Last night was date night. We both got dressed up a bit and taxied over to another hotel, strolled and rolled in their gardens, watched a gorgeous sunset over the beach, roulette at a different casino, dinner and back to the Marriott under a spectacular full moon. Romance was in the air and I could hear our new song playing in my head.

3 thoughts on “date night / pope’s last day

  1. So glad you are getting out a little…….whatever you are doing compared to a few weeks ago keep it up. I want to hear that you are looking for the Marriots ping pong table…
    Peace, R


    • Haha! thanks, Roy! We had offered them our table but they said they couldnt find a place for it. This afternoon we will taxi to another accessible friendly hotel for sunset/ grounds and then dinner. Love K

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