art in dark


bitches brew (c) scott morgan 2013
done. in. total darkness listening to miles davis bitches brew…..three ……
then added. faces. only. then. little watercolr. 1st three here……been
very prolific the past two. days. up. nights. listening. to music……
trying. new. things. see what. comes. out. ……

experiment (c) scott morgan 2013

would. like. to hear comments. on. first. three…..esp.
interested in. direction. and. hearing how. music. creates. the. movement

in my hands. . in. dark. was very odd to. not. know. where. edge of paper. was
until. lights. on ….later. adding…faces. were. done. where i saw places. to. fill in. was. strange
to. see. progression. in. three. stages…dark….faces. color…….
enjoyed. process
purchased. new. music. from. i tunes. after. saw. results,
thanks for. any. responses. to. the. three.
(scott david morgan)

dancer kabuki ( c) scott morgan 2013

10 thoughts on “art in dark

  1. Scott this is great stuff, I used to do this in class as I pretended to listen to teacher would doodle, then later fill in the shapes with other stuff…wow to music it is truly incredible…keep breakin new ground you are a total inspiration


  2. The progression in the three is amazing… Second one is full of linked people and animals and feels like it’s saying “from my mouth to your ear” -esp the three figures starting in the curving line from the bottom left. I would love to see images of the initial “done in the dark” paintings next to their finished ones.

    I went through a period of insomnia about 10 years ago. Would get up in the middle of the night, crank up music and paint. I think some of my most intense and expressive abstract paintings were done to that midnight music.

    Keep it coming!


  3. Hi Scotto, I love seeing the places you traveled in the dark. The first is like groping and getting used to a new way of traveling, experimenting testing boundaries. Then I can feel a loosening and your delight at being in a new and infinite landscape, using your senses in a deeper way. I would like to see more done in darkness because as you know, eyes are useful but also limit us to the boundaries that others (sighted people) respond to most positively. Enjoy the space you are in while giving you eyes a break. So inspiring to me as I am in the process of working on a big painting and looking for new ways of seeing it. Thanks fellow explorer!


  4. In the second one I love the combination of jiggles and spirits. The bear dudes are so adorable. Even the scary guys aren’t so much. And I enjoy seeing them look in all directions. You are leaving just enough open space for me to move comfortably about and visit each character in this one. The third painting I feel a bit claustrophobic, like at a cocktail party where I am looking for a tactful way to leave. You know I do not believe in good art and bad art. It all belongs even if I feel yucky about it. You are so amazing to me in the way you are allowing your life to fill pages and spill out to your friends. It feels very generous and loving.


  5. I love the one that’s mostly black and white but the ones that make my heart soar have been the very colorful pieces with Indian motifs. Robert and I are driving around Portugal. We always bring our own music. Today was Frankie, yesterday was Miles. Maybe we were listening to him at the same time that you were.

    Love to you,


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