we’re off to see the wizard


Don’t know why there are so many critics hating James Franco in OZ 3D. We enjoyed it and from the sounds of others in the audience in Goa others had a good time, too. We caught the 9:25 am show on Monday morning so no crowds. The 3D theatre is new since we last visited the Inox theatre 6 or 7 weeks ago, maybe even 8 weeks ago. Took a taxi and once inside the theatre we parked the Marriott chariot at the bottom of the stairs and Scott climbed slowly to middle of the 9th aisle. In India we’ve learned that the movie is always stopped halfway to sell treats. I got us some Baskin Robbins ice cream during intermission. We had been watching old James Bond flicks and James Coburn spy spoofs all weekend from bed so getting out and “off campus” was a treat in and of itself.

After lunch in our room, Scott got out again to the hotel cafe with his portable studio, making the most of each and every day. Paintings will be posted soon. I took a swim in the pool and promptly fell asleep for nearly two hours on a lounge chair thanks to our Gang who was back on duty after a 3 day hiatus that included taking care of her own sick mom and visiting 4 temples on Lord Shiva’s festival day yesterday. Hope y’all did one fun thing today, too!

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