artsy date last night

new work(c)scott morgn 2013

Scott had some extra energy last night. After reading in the local newspaper that our Marriott Hotel’s own Wan Hao restaurant was currently having a Thai Food Festival, he wasted no time in planning our in-house date night. Thai food is our favorite cuisine as a couple and we’ve sampled a few places even here in Goa. We gathered up art supplies and took the Marriott Chariot over to the hotel’s restaurant corridor.

Last night we had a second agenda, too. Scott wanted to set up his portable art studio to paint in between courses! Since Wan Hao is a little dark and we needed a bright and large table, he requested that the restaurant serve the Thai food in the neighboring Waterfront Grill. As usual, the smiling Marriott hotel staff were exceptionally gracious and accommodated our unusual request. Scott completed the painting shown above. Scott indicated I could help myself to his supplies and below is the unpainted drawing I did of what and who I was looking at last night across the table: Scott with his paint brushes, but also a kneeling garuda statue that was right behind him in the window, and some textile patterns I had in my head from earlier in the day. I’m not sure if I will add color or not.

garuda(c)katy allgeyer 2013

The featured chef did an amazing meal for us. Scott gave the soup a 10 rating but the Mee Krob was his absolute favorite. We also sampled prawns in wontons, chicken satay, glassy noodles with prawns, and a wonderful coconut rice dessert. Halfway through our dinner we were surprised by another diner who came up to our table to say hello: Dr. Vaid, the doctor we relied on for all our prescriptions and care while we were staying at Sur La Mer our first two months in Goa. Dr. Vaid recognized us immediately and was delighted to see Scott still painting. As are we all…

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