the art shoppe

This blog has always been a chronicle of adventure, love, life & death and one man’s journey of self discovery through making art. That being said, our most popular blog post remains this one:  where to buy art supplies in goa. Since it was over 3 years since I originally posted about it, I decided to update whether or not the shop is still there, still the only place to buy serious art supplies in the state of Goa, and still under the same management. I’m happy to report YES! to all of those questions.

The Art Shoppe in Panjim is a narrow corridor stocked to the ceiling with everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. Once you actually find the store (which is discreetly located on the second floor of Souza Tower, Municipal Garden Square and reached by a staircase outside in the back of the building) you’ll also find The Art Shoppe owner Gerson Do Rego to be very helpful.

Whether you choose to paint on luscious hand made paper exclusive to The Art Shoppe, or on pre-stretched canvas in a wide variety of sizes and made-to-order, or directly onto your wall for a mural, this is the only store locally that will have what you need to get the job done.

Two watercolor paintings by artist Scott Morgan © 2013 painted in Goa during the trip of a lifetime.

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