this ‘n’ that


(Faces ©scott morgan 2013)

Remember the beautiful Scotto Morgani 1604 series? This looks like a continuation of those moody faces. Scott did this painting from his bedroom studio this past weekend. He has been feeling tired lately and sleeping much more than usual but you’d never know it from looking at this and other recent work, would you? Scott can practically paint in the dark (and he does from time to time!). I’ve been feeding Scott Haagen Daaz ice cream bars and protien milk shakes while he’s been feeding my soul.

Other stuff happening this week? Scott is in discussion with his doctors who want to create a local non-profit around him to inspire other terminally ill cancer patients to create art or continue following their passion and stay positive (continue living!) after receiving their prognoses. We hope his doctors can get that up and running soon. Meanwhile there was a big hubbub here yesterday with a Bollywood movie being filmed. Right offshore I watched as stunt boats chased a fishing boat and helicopters with cameramen swarmed overhead. And today the sun is completely hidden by a thick cloud cover. I hope it rains!


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