doctor morgan’s cabinet

new. art thurs,from.  my. head.  not. a book. very. happy. w. cabinet ,first. time…… having.  lot.  of. art. flowing. out been. stimulated by.  hospital.  show. new. foundation…forming. now. thru. psychiatrist. existing. foundation. smile2 the end… trying.  to. get. concept.  into. hospitals.  in.  many. locations,to. help. people at. end. of. life. terminal ill.  that. are.  depressed,using. […]

bear with him

Today a very special Fedex package from Alaska arrived for Scott. It contained a wooden walking stick that belonged to his Uncle Bob who passed away over a year ago. Bob Satin was Scott’s mother’s brother and a very influential figure in Scott’s life. Bob is the one that invited Scott to come to India […]