weather report from goa

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at the regent hotel in hong kong oct 2012

at the regent hotel in hong kong oct 2012

The weather report in Goa for the next few days is pretty darn exciting if you have been living under relentless sunshine for the past 7 months. I just had to take a snap and share it with you. And the temps look like they will be falling dramatically, too. Which is great news because did you know that in the tropics the high heat and humidity can suddenly cause fun skin rashes like ‘jungle rot’ and ‘prickly heat’ in unsuspecting tourists from the northern reaches of Maine? You do now!

The past two weeks Scott has been “under the weather” (and that is why I put his picture under the weather report here, get it? The photo was taken 7 months ago in Hong Kong when we were visiting our friends Po & Sunny). It’s so important not to lose perspective and humor in a situation like this and we haven’t. Oh, when we aren’t wearing the Ironman costume we are human and things don’t always go smoothly or perfectly. But the main thing is to keep smiling at others. When I walk into Scott’s bedroom and see his face scrunched up tight I always give him my biggest warmest smile because I know when he sees it he will release his tension and smile back at me. The sunlight seems to be radiating from him when he smiles. And that is the weather report from Goa today.

2 thoughts on “weather report from goa

  1. Enjoy the change of weather and the relief it provides. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see some dramatic weather cells pass thru. Thinking of you both every day. Hugs.


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