art from the heart


WALLED GARDEN © Scott Morgan 2013

These 3 paintings were done this week from the bed studio. Scott grabs his brush and paints any time he has a smidgeon of energy. The stone or rock wall theme has emerged as a new direction in Scott’s work. Here we have a pathway to infinity surrounded by what Scott says is “lots and lots of flowers”.  Another theme that has been developed over the past 8 months is the puffy clouds you see below in “Floating Palace”. I love how Scott does not feel compelled to keep the clouds white and the sky blue. In Scott Morgan’s paintings, as in his life, anything is possible.



FLOATING PALACE © Scott Morgan 2013

The painting below was done especially for me. It’s happily not the first painting Scott has given me personally but it is one I will cherish the most because of the intimate inscriptions he wrote on the back of it. The theme of jeweled chests has been one Scott has depicted before. I wonder if he is thinking of his many actual antique chests back home, or the little jeweled boxes he collected over the years? In my mind, the treasure chest is a metaphor for a heart that’s true blue. Like Scott’s.



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