i lov u n u love me: 2 songs for katy

Photo on 5-29-13 at 11.26 AM #2

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest woman on earth. I know that may be hard to understand when everybody knows that my sweetheart Scott has terminal cancer. But here is the secret to his heart and our relationship: my man is such a romantic. Even at a time like this he is composing original love songs just for me. Yesterday afternoon I came back to the room after lunch to find Scott grinning ear to ear. Listen to these 2 songs I wrote for you, he said. And if you click here or on the photo above you will jump to youtube. That one is called i lov u n u lov me. The second one is called i left home. Both are longer than many of his other recordings and have a really interesting vibe. Check out i left home by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “i lov u n u love me: 2 songs for katy

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