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We received this nice photo and email from a satisfied collector of GOING TO GOA | paintings by scott morgan  this morning. I wish Scott could see how cool his book looks on this fan’s coffee table! He is hangin’ in there but his vision is not what it was now. Maybe it’s even better…The reason I say that is over the weekend he saw some interesting things. Saturday morning he woke up and in a gleeful voice said “psychodelic colors!” and he said that was what his dream had been just before waking. Like the image changing screen saver on our iMac which was turned off at the time. He also had a really cool dream where he was in Italy talking to my 4 brothers. Everyone wants to know how he is doing. For this storyteller to be reduced to a handful of words a day is daunting. I’d like to say he is still sharp but for the first time we experienced having a 2 hour conversation with one of his doctors and the next day Scott and I were both horrified that he had no recall of the conversation at all. He is still thinking of his loved ones and is amazed at all the love and attention he is receiving through this blog.

6 thoughts on “customer satisfaction

  1. The art, the book, and you two. are beautiful, inside and out. Every blog, every thought is written so perfectly that we as readers can feel such a connection – that we almost feel we are there with you. I know we are not… but so many of wish we were there to help, and ease the days by showing our love and understanding of this difficult time.


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