My typical breakfast here in Goa involves fresh pineapple. I have to report that I escaped the winter flu and any colds the entire 9 months I have been here. Food is a central issue for us since Scott has stomach cancer. We’ve always enjoyed eating great food. Today we celebrated that Scott has been able to eat small amounts of real solid food again after a loooooong time with only liquids. No, he’s not cured…but this weekend he enjoyed shrimp pad thai noodles, grilled chicken and penne in butter, and Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream. His appetite could have been inspired by the welcome presence of his friend Sanjiv. We are just happy that we have had this day.

4 thoughts on “foodies

  1. Scott’s tastebuds must have been tingling away with the variety of all those flavours! Really good to hear you have both had a good day, hugs to you both 🙂


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