feeling red in my bed

One of the benefits of having a good friend like Sanjiv is that he surprises us with a visit, thinks outside the box and gets things done. Like getting a better cable TV package and bigger TV installed in Scott’s room. Or coming up with a way to bring live entertainment to Scott 3-4 times weekly. Shown here is Anand and his accordion, one of the musician and magician volunteers that Sanjiv’s friend arranged for Scott’s pleasure. Anand began his private concert with a version of Que Sera Sera (What Will Be, Will Be). Of course any time there is live music in his room you know Scott will break into a spontaneous song he makes up on the spot. To hear Scott’s impromptu performance today, click here for the youtube jump. Although Scott’s energy is extremely limited, his tenacious spirit and joie de vivre can hardly be contained. Music has been a huge part of Scott’s life and this trip has been filled with great musical times. Friend Arjun Verman has played guitar at our commitment ceremony as well as in our room. Yogaraj played for Scott’s birthday party. And good friend Vivek Menezes showed up with reknowned guitarist Rui Lobo last week, too. Aren’t we the luck dogs?
One of the benefits of having a friend like Elizabeth is she surprises me with a “let’s take a drive?” text to my cell phone and I am also in need of distraction therapy so I say yes. Elizabeth is the head of Guest Relations here at the Marriott. The staff call her “Mama” and I call her wonderful. Despite the monsoon rain, we two had fun driving to Dona Paula a few clicks up the road from the hotel where there is a breathtaking view from the pier. A huge rock outcropping with a promenade is next to the pier and it commemorates a super sad true love story, Colonial style. Dona Paula’s dad was a Portuguese viceroy in Old Goa days. He wouldn’t let his daughter marry a man beneath her in station. So, the two kids jumped off the cliff. You know the rest. A lot of guys were fishing off the pier, just like they do in Santa Monica on the pier we used to hang out on. I did not have my camera because I was being spontaneous and didn’t realize we were going on a road trip, one of Scott and my favorite activities.

5 thoughts on “feeling red in my bed

  1. That brought a smile to my face 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed your road trip today, I have never seen Goa in the monsoon but I bet it’s beautiful…the colours must be amazing


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