from the silence

One of the great things about living on our island in Maine is the myriad of talent that resides there and the interesting people you bump into on trails and in cafes. Eryn/ Ahryan is one such artist. I met Eryn at the Stonington Farmers Market when I returned from our trip of a lifetime […]

feeling red in my bed

One of the benefits of having a good friend like Sanjiv is that he thinks outside the box and gets things done. Like getting a better cable TV package and bigger TV installed in the hospital. Or coming up with a way to bring live entertainment to Scott 3-4 times weekly. Shown here is Anand and his accordion,…

i can hear you paint

We are humbled by the way this blog has been inspiring artists everywhere . Tonight I received a facebook message from a boy I knew 5th grade to high school graduation. We grew up in NH and got back in touch via facebook when I moved to Maine. Byon Yeatts now lives in Kennebunk, Maine […]