easy rider


Panjim just opened its first Harley Davidson shop. How do I know that? Because the guy who trained the staff for Harley is from America and recognized a fellow American seated alone at dinner last week in the Marriott so we swapped ex-pat stories over dessert before I returned to the hospital.

Then a couple days ago my road trip took me past the shop which is located near Dona Paula. Today I see the shop has already influenced the locals…this chocolate Harley chopper made by Chef Samantha Nunes was commissioned by a rider and is on display at Scott’s impromptu art studio, A.K.A.Cafe AzUR at our hotel. (Click the Cafe link to go back in time on this blog to enjoy some of the paintings Scott created there!).

I was told Harleys cost double the price in the USA. I think I’ll get a chocolate one instead…

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