where we’re at today

This early post shows how far we’ve come. It also underscores for me the way this trip has been like many smaller separate journies, the disease has morphed into so many different phases, disabling Scott gradually.

going to goa


No doubt in this heart that while it was worth it for Scott to enjoy the crashing waves on the beach, the expense of Scott’s exertion in the day caused problems for him last night. Any kind of heat whether direct sun, body heat, hot tubs, fever etc can spike the fentynol patch dosage so that is is releasing too much into his system. Side effects such as extreme dizziness and even hallucinations……we experienced that and lots of other fun stuff. This is not a vacation. No matter how much we wish it were. No matter how positive a spin we put on the blog.

Meeting new people, forging new friendships with transient hotel guests has given him a lot of joy and kept him in the game of life. The flip side is he has had to say goodbye to even more friends, as they leave the hotel…

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