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It has been one month today on October 11th since Scott died and in two days it will be one year since he was told he had not long to live. As this blog has chronicled, Scott seized that moment 12 months ago to go to India to live his final days his way. Scott accomplished much in that time and continues to inspire. The hole he has left in my life-and the hearts of so many family members and friends–is huge. We all miss his energy and lust for life. I’d like to thank those of you who have reached out to me in this time of inconsolable loss. Secondly, I’d like to tell you what you can do to join our family in honoring Scott’s memory.

There is a website that has been set up with a Donate Button for the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship. Anything you can contribute to this fund would be most appreciated no matter the amount. Scott always strongly felt the furniture industry should be design driven and this scholarship is meant to help champion that effort. In fact, designers that he believed in are the driving force behind setting up this scholarship fund in his name. These designers are willing to mentor the next generation as Scott mentored them.

If you are a friend or colleague’s of Scott’s and are attending High Point International Furniture Market and are in town on October 20th, you can contact me ( about the Celebration of Scott Morgan’s Life that will be held that Sunday night. This will essentially be a way for friends to remember Scott and share stories. However, any funds donated to the Design Scholarship at that event are being generously matched by Scott’s father.

Some of you might like to see Scott’s obituary that appeared in Furniture Today Magazine on October 7th:

SCOTT DAVID MORGAN, industry veteran

Scott David Morgan passed away peacefully in Goa India at age 62 on September 11, 2013 following a multi year struggle with cancer.

Mr. Morgan began a life long career in the furniture business with Ello Furniture of Rockford Illinois in 1974. He was deeply involved in product development and marketing strategy and was well respected for his creative talents that focused in the area of contemporary furniture design.

In nearly 40 years in the furniture business he developed strong bonds with designers and manufacturers throughout the world and counseled many as he helped to match the creative ideas of designers with the realities of the manufacturing sector of the industry.

Mr. Morgan saw the potential for manufacturing product in Asia early in his career and was active in helping his clients navigate through the process of product development in China long before most western companies were actively involved in the region.

After relocating to Los Angeles in the 1990s, he continued his career as a mentor to young furniture designers and with his extensive connections throughout the industry assisted many such designers by helping bring ideas and concepts to fruition.

Furniture also drew him back to High Point, North Carolina in 2006 where he continued his career as a consultant to industry participants in the community that hosts the largest semi-annual fair for furniture anywhere in the world.

Mr. Morgan’s career in furniture enabled him to become a passionate worldwide traveler. There were few places throughout the world that Scott did not know well and friends everywhere consulted with him about where to go and what to do before developing their own travel plans.

Throughout his life Mr. Morgan was also interested in fine art, both as a collector and as an artist. He painted in watercolor medium. Upon discovering his remaining time was limited, Mr. Morgan traveled to India and created an impressive oeuvre of 200 new paintings. This body of work was recognized in a traveling solo artist exhibition at several hospitals in Goa and published in a book entitled GOING TO GOA|paintings by scott morgan. Mr. Morgan’s achievement as an artist was a special point of pride to him in his final days.

Mr. Morgan is survived by his companion of the last 8 years, Ms. Katy Allgeyer, his father Jerome Morgan and his mother Virginia Wolf, and sister Lindy (Morgan) Barnett and brother Robert Morgan.

Those wishing to honor the memory of Mr. Morgan, may offer their contribution to the Scott Morgan Scholarship Fund c/o the High Point Bank, High Point NC that has been established in his memory. The goal of the fund is to distribute annual scholarships to worthy design students. The fund is registered with the IRS, (EIN #46-3113810.) at the High Point Bank, High Point NC– account #7869754. Donations can be made online at this link.

A memorial ceremony is being planned to coincide with the International Home Furnishings High Point Market in October 2013, with details to follow.

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  1. Hi KatyDebbie had a hip replacement on her left hip last Wed. She is home now for six weeks of rest and rehab. Lots of swelling, soreness and pain. She is a trooper and had her first PT today. I go for a steroid shot in my eyeball on Monday hopefully to alleviate the ongoing swelling on my retina. I have a developing cataract that they won’t operate on until my retina is healed. In the meantime my visual acuity is awful awful awful.We will be contributing to Scotts Scholarship Fund and want to take advantage of his fathers matching generosity. If we donate on the link website you sent is that the best way?Hope you are holding up and look forward to seeing you in NovemberLove and HugsCarl

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