the river of life

One year ago today, Scott called me from the hospital to tell me the bad news. His sister Lindy was sitting down by my side and, unknown to me, already knew. Scott wanted her there with me when he told me. My first reaction was a gut-wrenching NOOOOOooooOOOoooOOOOOoooooo! that seemed to emanate from the core of my very soul. I screamed that No! for what seemed an eternity. The echoes of that scream are still bouncing around in both my heart and off the walls in our home as I try to make sense of the events of the past 12 months. Why did it happen to us? Why was Scott’s life only 62 years long when both of his parents are nearly 90 and his grandparents all had longevity on their side, too?

photo copy 3

The plethora of love notes he wrote me during our courtship and our life together bring me solace but also tears. He treasured my notes & letters to him as much as I did his (I keep finding cards I wrote him that he squirreled away for safe-keeping in odd places…tucked into a favorite book, a shaving kit, pinned to a closet wall…). His often were in the form of watercolor paintings like this one; tiny treasures that made me feel safe in the world, knowing he had my heart and my back at all times.

Am I greedy to want more time with my beloved? I know that others have not been so lucky to have fair warning and don’t get to spend extra time together like Scott and I did. But still I feel unprepared for his death and the finality of this parting. I can’t believe Scott is no longer with me. We were in each others company 24/7. He must be here. I can hear him in the next room snoring as he takes his mid-day nap. I can hear him in my mind speaking to me when I ask him questions. I can hear him playing ping pong downstairs. The dogs hear him, too. They listen for his footsteps on the stoop, ears cocked towards the front door. Ever on alert to meet their Dad with wagging tails and tongue hanging grins, Loolie and Hershey seem to know that Scott is gone but not gone. He is everywhere now. Free and flying wherever he wants to go, like those butterflies that he painted and then embodied to give me—us—hope. Of what? That maybe it doesn’t end. Maybe, just maybe, death is the beginning and not the end. We don’t get to know until it’s our turn to fly.

photo copy
Hershey & Loolie waiting by the front door.

4 thoughts on “the river of life

  1. Dear Katy
    I’ve lost so many loves of and in my life. A fiancé. A son. Best friends. Parents. Each loss experienced differently. Seen differently. Understood differently yet not understood at all.
    When I read words like those you’ve written above, I sit and wish we were friends for I would first just give you a warm hug then take you by the hand and walk through the quiet woods with you. No words to be spoken during the journey. Just the company of another soul who feels your soul and all that’s in it…. Or perhaps what isn’t in it right now. The purpose is to convey that no matter how real it may feel to you at the moment, no soul is ever really lost. We all travel together always. Seen and unseen. Heard yet silent. Near but yet so far
    Grab on to the swirling essence of Scott that surrounds you. Wrap it around your body like a soft nurturing hug
    It’s left there for that purpose. To comfort. To sooth. To remind you that it always was and always will be right there for you after everyone goes home and you’re left all alone… With the memories


  2. Katy, I cannot begin to imagine how you must be feeling right now and the incredible gut wrenching loss of your beloved Scott taken from you much to soon.

    You will always have those beautiful memories of the life, love and laughs you and Scott shared together. Treasure them they’re yours to treasure forever. I wish you peace and send you the warmest hugs to help you through the most difficult time.

    Much love x


  3. Katy, after your letter and the elegant and most loving replies, I truly
    am at a loss for words. I hope the responses to your heart wrenching and most beautiful expression of your lost love will help
    you along the healing road. oooxxx, MZ


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