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Happy Days Are Ones to Remember

One can feel the energy building for the Celebration of Scott’s Life to be held this Sunday at our home in High Point. The last party we had here was the first Sunday of the High Point International Furniture Market in October 2012. As we reprise that party this weekend, the reason for our gathering here is still the same: Scott! But instead of circling Scott as he spins a tale in his unique way, the Scott Stories will be told by friends…like Ruth Zaar’s story about crashing one of Scott’s parties. I have no doubt that Scott will be attending, whispering in my ear and smiling as we share our favorite memories of Scott’s life and also honor him by raising funds to benefit the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship. All funds raised at this event will be generously matched by Scott’s dad! Scott’s art work and published book GOING TO GOA | The Paintings of Scott Morgan will be on display, too.

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