post party ramble

For me, time is both flying by and standing still. A year ago on October 26th, Scott and I were winging our way to Los Angeles in First Class on United Airlines from Washington, DC (thanks to our dear friend Bill Becker who generously offered us his mileage points for this first leg of the trip of a lifetime. This extra pampering was a comfort to Scott who was already suffering pain in his mid-section and the extra room insured he arrived in better shape for our intimate family gathering in LA.

Bill also gave a substantial contribution to the Scott Morgan Scholarship Fund at the Celebration of Life Party this past Sunday.(Thank you, Bill!)It was a very successful event for the scholarship fund. Our family gives a special shout out to Bruce Hirschhaut, Louis Lara, and Bill deGolia for creating the scholarship in Scott’s memory and additionally Gary Pettitt and John Strauss who were all instrumental in the organization and fulfillment of this scholarship legacy. Personally, I am especially thankful to Scott’s sister Lindy for helping the committee organize the celebration and for meeting & greeting at the front door so that I could spend one-on-one time with all our guests and Scott’s father Jerry for sponsoring the event and doubling all the donations with his generous matching gift.

It was so touching to see several of Scott’s friends sporting the neckties Scott had given them at the goodbye party a year ago. I held back my tears as I was given buckets of love and sympathy from so many of our friends who took the time out from their busy industry market week to pay tribute to Scott’s memory. The Morgan family is so grateful to all of you for showing your support to the Scotty’s design scholarship fund and for all of the friends who showed up to celebrate him with us.

I miss him more today than I did yesterday, if that is possible. Yesterday I found a very small mixed media painting Scott had drawn on a United Airlines logo. It was tucked into my checkbook by Scott sometime during our flight and forgotten ’til now when I need it. Katy + Scott he wrote over the hearts. Yesterday I also discovered a fortune cookie saying that Scott had placed with a personal love letter where I would eventually find it. Seems pretty poignant now that he is no longer a prisoner of his body: About time I got out of that cookie. fortune cookie_NEW

3 thoughts on “post party ramble

  1. Katy – sorry we didn’t get to spend time chatting at the party. When you are headed North please let me know and we can go out to lunch here in Richmond and catch up.

    Re the scholarship – I put in a pledge. Please let me know best way to fulfill. Is there a PayPal account set up? All best, Andy

    Andy Thornton LaDIFFERENCE International Furnishings 125 South 14th Street Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 648-6210 (804) 648-1409 Fax “Located in the heart of Richmond’s Shockoe Design District”


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