halloween elixer of love


Any day with Scott could be Halloween. He was always scaring up a good time. Headgear, wild printed shirts, weird doo-dads, amazing relics and feathers found on our hikes were always available for putting on some fun. Not even his serious collection of antique textiles was sacred when it came to finding props to fuel his creativity. The pic of Scott in Mandarin silk robe and embroidered hat was taken by his sister in our living room the week before we headed to India on the trip of a liftime.
photo copy 4

Singing…dancing…funny dialects…constantly entertaining me and his friends. Found this old pic of Scott wearing his Venice Beach Marley-esque dreadlocks hat. How many of his friends have seen him wearing it? Probably all of us!

But a precious few have seen this photo of Scott in a 1976 production of The Elixer of Love at the San Francisco Opera Company. Scott loved telling how he became a super in that opera and it went into his repertoire of “Scott Stories“.

Where did all that talent come from? He must have gotten some of his theatricality from his parents, shown here with their best friends (that you can read about in this remembrance) in a Halloween line up of gangsters circa the 1950’s.

His mom and dad thought they gave Scott the middle name of David but we all know that his middle name was Fun. The pic below is our dog Loolie and with me three Halloweens ago at Scott’s urging to really do Halloween right. Let’s do it for the kids!, he said. My Scott was the biggest kid of them all. I remember the last Halloween we had here together. A little 4 year old boy approached our front door with his mother holding his hand and was completely terrified when he saw and heard our two dogs barking. Scott immediately got down to the little boy’s level with our dog Hershey and helped the child overcome his fear of dogs. The smile of delight on that boy’s face once he knew he could pet our pit bull by himself was the highlight of our evening.

We were already gone by Jack-o-lantern time last year. The neighborhood kids must have missed us…after all, our house has an 8 foot tall rooster sculpture out front with a buoy in its mouth that attracts their attention even on an ordinary day. I will not disappoint them this year, Scott. Although I do not know what costume I’ll put on, I will make sure to keep your spirit of fun alive tonight. I will brew my own elixer of love in your memory. Wish me luck!

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