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Yesterday…yesterday I felt very much that I had stumbled across a time capsule of Scott’s life held in an old cardboard carton full of dust on a shelf deep inside our basement. The box had not been disturbed since it left California with all the other boxes in 2006. Inside was a jumble of photos, ticket stubs, his old business cards, letters and post cards from friends.  My heart skipped a beat as I beheld this one photo shown here. The knockout in the middle is Scott on graduation day at the AIS School in New Delhi in 1969. The seeds of his crazy wisdom had begun to take root during his first year in India. This was the beginning of his lifetime passion for color, collecting, and curiosity for travel and adventure.

becky letter_NEW

Do you remember the post about his first love Becky and how they were supposed to meet in Paris that summer but it didn’t happen? The box contained this aerograme dated June 19, 1969 from Becky to Scott.

becky letter_NEW_0001

Note the JFK 13 cent stamp on the front, the colorful illustration on the back (“The Pit” and a snake drawn under the tree buried in a hole in the ground). The letter itself is written in paragraphs alternating in colored markers…green changing to yellow to red to purple to blue and orange. The rainbow of colors that is India had influenced Becky, too. Be sure to revisit the post about Scott’s Becky Memorial buried in sand on the beach in Goa.

6 thoughts on “time capsule

  1. Morning Katy!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful treasures with me! Wow! How cool was this find! Love the colorful envelope also :)!

    Thinking of you and sending loads of loving thoughts and energy. I’m having some really good days :)! Loving these new feelings :)! And getting tons done today!

    Love Love Love YOU! Diana

    Diana Donaldson QBS , RScP Alternative Hope SCIO (818) 995-1179 Quantum Biofeedback & Crystal Bed from John of God http://AlternativehopeSCIO.com


  2. A sad postscript today: I learned that Becky’s husband Doug Haney died in Goa, India on December 14th. I did not know him other than the blog comments he made here and the Facebook messages and emails he sent to me & Scott. I do not know the circumstances surrounding his death. I only know it was too soon and following a heartbreaking year for him and their families. That Doug also died in Goa this year was too tragic and synchronistic for me not to mention it on the blog. Namaste, Katy


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