good grief!

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I don’t know about you, but I tend to trust the information I get on PBS. It turns out that communication with deceased loved ones is not uncommon and may even be beneficial to the grieving process, according to this article by a therapist that I discovered on the PBS website This Emotional Life. So good to get proof that I’m not crazy after all. If I am, I’m in good company. Click the photo to read the entire article.

2 thoughts on “good grief!

  1. You are not crazy. Your’s and Scotts bond with each other was powerful, you were and are soulmates. It was made that much stronger(in my belief)given the circumstances and the situation you both shared in Goa. You both opened up to your friends and your story ended up reach far beyond that. It’s facinating and sweet albeit no surprize that you are still in touch. Believe it is my advice !!!! xxoo D R


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